Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My hastily writtten letter to HRCP

When only one day left, and little time left in scheduled load-shedding, I could come up with only something as abrupt as this ! This was written in an extreme rush , so I couldn't polish it, or add references. More irony is that hand written letters are given more weight, so I had to write it down as well :(. While writing it down, I made a few amendments, which I cannot make here. Khair, the letter begins below: -

Dr. Mehdi Hasan
Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
Aiwan-I-Jamhoor, 107-Tipu Block New Garden Town, Lahore.

Dear Mehdi Sahab

On International Human Rights day, I am writing to you hoping my desperate effort could make a difference. .

Sir, even an ordinary layman has a foreboding now that Pakistan is decending into lawlessness at such a brisk pace -- and people engaging in severe human rights abuses such brazenly and boldly -- that soon this country would simply become inhospitable to civilized humans!

Though many other incidents, but I would like to highlight the most shocking, brutal and unparalleled case -- the broad daylight lynching of Mughees and Muneeb in Sialkot (15th Aug 2010). The boys were falsely, and deliberately so, marked as robbers by their playground foes and then brutally murdered by an organized lynch mob. Videos of this barbarism were aired all over media channels, and still widely available on youtube.

The culprits (including 8 policemen) are arrested, and the trial is going on. However, it is extremely worrying to notice that it is now 4 months siince this tragedy happened but still the mother of tMughees and Muneeb await justice ! Why so ? Because all possible delay tactics are deployed by the aggressors. And since police is also an accomplice, there is little hope that justice would ever be served ! Just last week, the Public Prosecutors refused to follow this case in high court complaining the civil departments are not cooperating with them. This is very depressing !

Sir, my even more senister feeling is that the killing of these two brothers is not a mere INCIDENT; this is begining of a TREND ! This could become a way to settle one's account with one's foe - with a rival in inheritence, cricket, love affairs, setlie an issue after traffic accident, and like... I cannot explain to you how harrassed I am when my younger brother, who happens to be of Mughees's age, goes to college driving his car. And ofcourse, I would never ever NEVER EVER allow him to go out and play with other boys !

BUT is this a solution ?? Should we lock ourselves in homes to prevent mishapes ?? Or shoudl we try to leave this country asap ??? I think NO, and suggest that the only solution is rule of law and STRICT and ONTIME punishment to those who dare to violate human rights, and to those who supervise it, and to those who protect them post their crime.

I therefore urge and appeal Human Rights Commisiion of Pakistan to take serious notice of Sialkot lynching, and take all necessary steps possible capacity to ensure swift justice to the family of Mughees and Muneeb !

Thanking you, hopes, and best regards
Ali Abbas Sultan
(Signature, and location).

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