Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Independence of Kosovo

Declaration of independence by Kosovo on 17th February 2008 received a mixed reaction from the Muslim world.

The following Muslim countries recognized Kosovo:-

United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia

Being a Muslim, it was a heartiest pleasure to see a new Muslim Country emerge on the map of this world. In addition, it was somewhat healing to see Serbia being disintegrated -- the Serbia that perpetrated horrible war crimes against Bosnian Muslims, in 1980s.

It is however ironic to note that Bosnia itself has not recognized Kosovo till date. Other prominent Muslim countries that did not recognize Kosovo include IRAN and PAKISTAN

Reaction of Iran

On 13 March 2008, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran, after considering the region's issues and conditions, had not recognised the independence of Kosovo

In early March 2008, Gholamreza Ansari, Ambassador of Iran to Russia, said that "this question has very important aspects. Frankly speaking, the United Nations divided one of its members into two parts, though Article 1244 confirms the territorial integrity of Serbia. This is a very strange event. We think that some countries try to weaken international organizations. Presently, Iran is studying the question of Kosovo's future. Iran... expresses its concern over the weakening of international organizations"

Reaction of Pakistan:

On February 2008, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry released the following statement: "We understand and support the legitimate aspirations of the Kosovars and the need for peace in Kosovo and the region. Pakistan is watching the developments in Kosovo carefully. We have noted the recognition extended by a number of important countries to the declaration of independence by the Kosovo Parliament and the statement made by the OIC Secretary General expressing happiness over this development, and solidarity and support with the Kosovars. Our policy will be guided by these developments and the aspirations of the people of Kosovo. It remains our earnest desire that situation remains calm and peaceful in Kosovo and the region."

At a meeting on 28 January 2009 between the Kosovan Foreign Minister, Skënder Hyseni, and Mr. Shahbaz, Pakistan's Ambassador to Austria, the ambassador said that the people and government of Pakistan support Kosovo on its path. He said that Pakistan is conducting intensive talks with its neighbours and other members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference on the issue, and that it is just a matter of time before Pakistan takes the decision to recognise Kosovo

At a meeting on 26 May 2009 between the Kosovan Foreign Minister, Skënder Hyseni, and Abdullah Hussain Haroon, the representative of Pakistan to the UN, Mr. Haroon reportedly said "finally we support your cause".

I wouldnt commnet on Iranian reaction but I fully appreciate Pakistan on this

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Proud of AQ Khan; condemning BBC

If U.S. Nuclear technology could be transferred and shared with Israel, why can't Pakistan share it with Iran ?

Without going into any technical complexity, allegations against him are that he is responsible for transfer of Nuclear arms technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea. He was dismissed, debriefed, and then forced to confess about the above activities in 2004.

However, it is obvious that AQ Khan could not have done this all alone, and without the involvement of state of Pakistan and Pakistan Army.

NOW ! Whether this story is true or not, and it is true, we do not allow BBC (British Barking Channel)to term Khan as disgraced scientist !!

Infact, we feel proud for him ! If he, and state of Pakistan, provided this material to the countries that have taken stance against bullying powers, then their move is a matter of great honor for us (Pakistanis).

Shia Muslims of Pakistan

With the name of Allah
The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was a Shia Muslim, it is also said that the founder of Pakistan was a Shia too.

In Pakistan, there is no discrimination - The Twelvers are in Army, Politics, Business, all over Media...every where.. They live in harmony with the people of majority sect, something almost unmatched in rest of the Muslim world.

Whenever they shift home, the first thing they do is to openly place an 'Alam' (a black flag, symbol of Flag of Abbas Bin Ali a.s) on their roofs / terrace, which is never resented by local residents. Paksitan is nothing like Saudia, Nigeria, and the like......

Though there do exist some organizations that have attacked the people of this sect, but they have, and are attacking the Pakistan Army on even larger scale. They rarely have any public support.

The point is to reject all Gutter propaganda designed by the enemy that State of Pakistan is engaged in repressing any segment of population on the basis of their sect !

There are countless Shia processions from Moharram to Rabiul Awal (first three months of Islamic Calender), and the Government of Pakistan spends in millions to protect these mourning processions by placing Police and Paramilitary Rangers. Imagine ! Is there any country in the world that provides such luxury to a sect that is barely 20% (a rough estimate).

The credit of this unmatched harmony goes to Saints / Sufis of subcontinent, whose teachings keep us united till date.

The point is to reject all Gutter propaganda, designed by the enemy, that State of Pakistan is engaged in repressing any segment of population on the basis of their sect !

There is no place on earth like Pakistan !!