Monday, October 18, 2010

Would Muneeb and Mughees ever get Justice ?

(Sialkot, Pakistan) On 15th August 2010, two teenage brothers, Mughees Sajjad, 18, and Muneeb Sajjad, 16 were brutally tortured to death by a mob of hundreds, after falsely marking them as robbers, while police stood and watched.
Look at their photos... do they look like robbers?
Background: Mughees and Muneeb, belonging to Sialkot, used to go  Bottar Village for playing cricket. For an arguemeent over the playground, beside other reasons, some local village boys had developed animosity for the two brothers.

On 15th August, there occurred a robbery and a murder at Bottar Village at dawn on which the villagers were agitated. When Mughees and Muneeb reach Bottar and arrived at the scene to enquire what was going on, the same group of boys with whom they had hostility pointed towards them and shouted "Robbers Robbers !!". The crowd surrounded them and started beating them with sticks, iron rods, and bricks. The minor Muneeb got severely injured and both of them were handed over to rescue 1122

After an hour or so, a more organized mob presumably assembled by the same influential boys reached 1122 and demanded the boys be handed over to them. After contacting police several times, and failing to sought their intervention, the Rescue 1122 workers succumbed to mob's demand, and handed over the boys after duly tying them. What happened next is imaginable....

A very brutal beating of M & M for hours.

The bodies with beyond recognition faces were then hanged for exhibition

Dumped in a garbage trolley..

Paraded on the roads of Sialkot

When the first videos of this horrible episode surfaced on TV channels,  the Supreme Court of Pakistan took sou motto notice of this brutal lynching incident and ordered an enquiry. The enquiry team headed by former LHC judge Justice Kazim Malik submitte their report stating that Muneeb and Mughees were NOT ROBBERS .

The culprits were caught on camera, and all of them were arrested within 3 weeks. 
However, the ongoing trial is continuously being influenced by significant people from Botter village, and local police since the local police is also an accomplice in this broad daylight barbarism

Protests all over the country and even abroad were held, BUT only for a month or so. Soon the media and the masses forgot them!

 Lets see if they could ever get justice, and the culprits get the most severe punishment possible, or this case keep on hanging like Mukhtara Mai's !

A Facebook page 'Justice for Mughees and Muneeb' having 70,000 + members